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EOWlfj H.i.QOAD. M. S.e. 

ALFHl^D C. L4MPSON. ' . ^^ ' • 

ClIJ^TrS W LAMP50N. C.B.E _ , /J //_ l_ 

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Topped C. M. Lampson & Co. Great Winter Sales 
at London, England 

Central New York Fur Company pelt from their Boonville ranch brought the highest price out of 
2375 pelts from all parts of the fox world. See above statement. 

We have said, "There are breeders of Silver Black Foxes in America, who by virtue of the care, 
thought and competency of selected breeding and sanitation have come to be recognized as the producers 
of the superior Silver Black Fox. The Central New "^'ork Fur Company is proud to be the one." 

The above statement proves that we are the one. 

You want your foundation stock from a company that proves that their stock wears the pelt of 

You read the ads. Every one has them. Do they know? Did they ever pelt and sell in open 
market? Not hear so or say so, but facts. 

Facts are like bullets, vou can't dodge them. The above facts are aimed at bigger profits for you. 
Follow the reliable and responsible company, the one that proves that their stock wears the pelt 
of value. 

We are as proud of our prices as we are of the quality of the foxes. Send for prices. 

Central New York Fur Co., Inc., 405 Arcade Building, Utica, N. Y. 

^V^ ?^ 

g)n! A674041 

Silver Fox Fur Farming 
and Its Opportunities 

E KNOW you are interested in Silver Foxes. We Believe \'ou want to go into the 
business of raising Silver Foxes. We are handing you this circular containing facts 
about the ranching of these fur-bearers, and reasons why you should take up this most 
profitable and successful live stock work, either as a side line to farming or as a busi- 
ness in itself. Information concerning the various phases of this industry given upon request. 

The Demand for Furs Will Steadily Grow 

"The natural production of first class furs seems to be approaching a sure end and the 
growing and world wide demand for them requires that the present supply be supplemented 
with stock obtained through domestication." 

"There will never come a time when an extra fine Silver Fox pelt will not command a good 
price, or when the breed producing such pelts will not be in demand." — The Domesticated Silver 
Fox Farmers Bulletin, No. 301 , U. S. Department of Atjriculture. 

It Is a Fact, recognized, that in order to supply the demand for furs, fur-bearing animals 
must be domesticated. The production of all the more valuable furs has fallen off over fifty 
per cent, during the past twenty years with a general advance in values. The constantly in- 
creasing demands and the decreasing supply from the wilds can onh' be met by breeding fur- 
bearing animals in captivity. 

A Word About the Early Days in Raising Silver Foxes 

Some Thirty Years ago two men both having had considerable experience in the handling, 
buying and selling of wild furs and both farmers of middle age, who about the same time, though 
independent of each other, conceived the idea of raising Silver Foxes in captivitw Later they 
combined their efforts and perfected their methods with the result that they gave to the world 
one of the greatest of live stock industries. During these years these men had many things to 
discourage them but they stuck to their job and as a result were successful. After they had 
solved the question of breeding they allowed some four or five other men of similar stamp, friends, 
to become associated with them. Each had a few pairs, and yearly disposed of pelts, about 
equal to the number of foxes they had kept over the year before, making little attempt to increase 
their production. These men made among themselves a gentlemen's agreement, providing they 
were not to sell live foxes, which was adhered to up to about 1908 when one of them sold to a 
nephew a pair of foxes and when the nephew began to have a surplus he sold them alive as breed- 
ers, so the combine was broken and the wild days of high prices paid for breeding stock began. 

For Twenty Years previous to 1910 the breeding and raising of Silver Foxes was Strictly 
Based Upon the Value of Fox Furs as quoted on the market of the world. We want to impress 
upon you that the pelt value is what the industry is based upon and always has been though for 

CENTRAL ALFRED — Registration No. 3821 

This fox we raised in 1920. Look at kirn then, turn to the pictures of Central Bobs and 
Central Tom on other payes and let tlicse tliree pictures give you an idea of the Superior type 
of fox that we are producinij. Then let us show you (if interested in fox fur farming) all of 
the foxes that =we have on our ranch that ive have raised and kept for breeders and you will 
find that they arc all as good as these we picture. 

the past few years the sale of live foxes has domineered the industry and tiiis will likely continue 
for a considerable number of years to come. All of the original ranchers and in fact most of the 
ranchers at the present time have made and are making a financial success and have built up the 
industry on the basic principle upon which the industry is founded and that is pelts. 

"We have shown the \Vorld," said the quartet — Dalton, Oulton, Tuplin and Gordon — 
"that it is possible to breed the Silver Fox in captivit\- and we have also shown that the fur of 
the domesticated fox is the finest in the world as proved by the prices paid by high class furriers." 

Can You Make A Success of Fox Breeding? 

To cite the many cases of success met with by men who started to raise Silver Foxes in a 
small waj' — with a pair or two as a beginning — would take a long time. E. H. Raynor, one of 
the most successful breeders, handler and buyer of Silver Fox Pelts since 1912, says that he knows 
of no man with ordinary ability, perseverance, and sound common sense who has started in the 
fox business and has not succeeded. He also says to read the reports of the auction sales of fox 

CENTRAL PAT — Registration No. 2978 

This is one of ilie grandest full furred foxes in the world. IVe feel completely satisfied 
that he is one of the best and are certainly proud when we liave tlie opportunity of showing 
him as he is at home, to interested parties and particularly to experts on foxes. 

pelts in London when Silver Fox pelts recently netted their owners as high as $1,000 each ; Mon- 
treal, where they brought as high as $2,450 for a pair ; New York, where numbers of skins have 
sold from $800 to $L000 each; St. Louis, where they sold up to $960. These are the kind of 
pelts worn by the foxes owned by the Central New York Fur Company, Inc. Silver Fox skins 
sell from $25.00 up. The highest prices go to the man that buys foundation stock such as we 
offer you. To get the high prices for live stock and pelts you must get foxes such as we are 
breeding and have for sale. 

All classes of men have succeeded in raising Silver Foxes. Instances that are known in 
particular detail to the writer, such as an Insurance Agent conducting one of the largest agencies 
in his section of the country who began a few years ago by becoming interested in the fox 
industry and became identified with several of the most successful companies to-day in the ranch- 
ing of Silver Foxes; also as an individual breeder. This man is now the Largest Breeder of 
Silver Foxes in the World. Wealthy, a leading man in his community, a leader in all public 
enterprises, charities, and business ventures, respected and esteemed. One of the type of men 
whose word is their bond. 

Another case is that of a contractor and builder who started in a company and in a small 
way as a breeder himself and to-day is giving his time exclusively to the ranching of foxes. This 
man received the highest prices paid a few years ago for pelts that season and made all the old 


A 1921 fox raised hy the Central Neiv York Fur Company, Inc., shoiving the type of fox 
^tve are producing. We consider this fox a ivonderfnl animal yet he is only one of the many 
that ice can shoiu you. 

timers sit up and take notice. In other words he "topped the market." This man paid $13,000 
for one breeding female and has proved himself one of the keenest of breeders of Silver Foxes. 
He to-day has a collection of foxes that would be hard to place a financial value upon — the 
amount would scare you — and is a successful, wealthy and practical fox man. 

A Bank Clerk having awakened to the fact that some form of out-of-door employment 
was necessary for the benefit of his health, took up fur buying about the country in which he lives, 
having made a study of furs, markets, etc., and became very expert in the grading and judging of 
all kinds of raw furs and very successful. Trading in a section where Silver Foxes were ranched 
extensively and bu\ing the pelts of these animals gave him the idea of going into the business of 
raising Silver Foxes along with his fur buying and to-day — about ten years since his start with 
foxes — finds him one of the leading fox breeders and dealers in the business. He is considered 
one of the leading business men of his city. Has constantly increased his ranch holdings until 
now, I believe, he has over one hundred pens on his ranch, stocked. Remember this was done 
Without Large Capital, simply the few dollars he had accumulated as a buyer and seller of 
raw furs and with a start of a pair or two of breeding foxes. 

A Fur Dresser engaged in cleaning Silver Fox pelts and other furs for market started with 
a pair of foxes and now is devoting nearly all of his time to the raising of Silver Foxes. He has 
become very comfortably off in this world's goods, has one of the finest of ranches stocked with 

CENTRAL ADRIAN — Registration No. 3057 

This is 'without question one of the finest if not the best black fox in the United States. 
Black that is black and tvith underfur and guard hair that is hard to find in foxdom. 

the very best of live stock, is an enthusiastic fox breeder and one of the best judges of live foxes 
and pelt values in the world. 

With Farmers the hundreds of cases of men actively engaged in every day farming that 
have taken up fox raising along with other kinds of live stock husbandry and the many, many 
cases where the other lines of live stock have been dropped and their entire attention given to 
fox raising would take a book of considerable size to describe cases in detail. 

A great many ranchers or caretakers where part of their wages have been put into breeding 
foxes and eventually became successful owners of ranches are also as the auction bills say, too 
numerous to mention. 

A woman started in the fox farming business with four pairs of foxes and in four years 
time sold foxes and pelts amounting to $165,000 dollars and thirty-seven breeders left, which 
with her ranch and live stock she valued at $170,000. This record has been verified bv investi- 
gators and reported as correct. 

One man started with sixteen and one-half pairs of Silver Foxes and in seven years sold 
pelts and animals for more than $200,000, had $20,000 on hand in the bank and in unsold pelts 
and 280 foxes on his ranch. 

We can cite you cases of Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Veterinarians, and in fact all classes 
of people who have started into fox raising and have met with success but space will not permit 
of citing more cases, though one could go on indefinitely along this line. 

r, C'irik House, Laboratory, 
ne Pens 

Partial I'ieisi of 
RoiL's of Fox Pens 
S/ionvinff Size 
and Construction 

Another Roiu of Pens, 

Perfectly Located for Raising 

Finest Stock and Pelts 

The young man of to-day on the farm is not much of a stickler for ordinary farming. You 
must give the young folks a glimpse of a successful future, something to work for. They are all 
vitally interested in hunting, trapping, and wild life in general, in fact in all "out of doors" 
if you give them a chance to look around and see it. 

Start the boy or girl in Life. Keep them on the farm with a pair or two of Silver Foxes. 
Let them make a study and start with this latest and, from a financial and nature study stand- 
point, the most successful of any branch of agriculture. Fur ¥ arming. 

The raising of Silver Foxes is and always has been since the days of the pioneers a 
financially sound live stock business, having gone through trying stages such as the great infla- 
tion in the price of breeding stock before the war, when foxes for breeding purposese sold up to 
$25,000 per pair. Companies organized with animals at this high capitalization. Then the 
great world war when all lines of business were hard hit. This industry withstood the shock 
and you must take into consideration that all of its markets were closed against it as furs such 
as Silver Fox were considered a luxury; also the market for live stock seriously impaired, not- 
withstanding all this we are yet to hear of a single failure. 

Since the breaking of the gentlemen's or breeder's agreement not to sell live stock for 
breeding purposes the production has, with many breeders, been based upon numbers and num- 
bers only. Breeders advertise high averages of pups from a numerical standpoint but little is 
said about quality average, no word as to fur value, nothing as to pelt market value and without 
this market value your foxes are worthless. What earthly value is a fox without marketable 
fur? The old saying goes that "no foot, no horse" and with the field dog "no nose, no dog" 
and so it is with the fox "no fur, no fox." Shows of live animals have a value, it is true, to 
help the industry. In our opinion a fox show that would help from all angles would be a Pelt 
Show, strip them and exhibit the intrinsic value of a fox. A fox may score 100 per cent, on 
points and not bring on pelt sale as much as one scoring a less number of points. A fox win- 
ning a cup or any token of individual merit would not necessarily be a producer of high class 
stock from a fur standpoint. 

We speak of Quality, what is quality? It is a general term used to designate that unde- 
fineable something that makes a harmonious whole of a collection of parts that make up a living 
animal. Quality is also spoken of as that which refers to texture and finish as determined by 
the character of the individual units of structure. Quality is indicated by the color, length, 
texture, depth, and the distribution of these points in making up fur value. It also takes into 
consideration size, bone, and the general refinement of the animal. 

We are raising and selling foxes that wear the pelts of value. 

All of our foxes have been selected for fur value only. 

We are not conducting a menagerie, a zoo, or a museum, but we are scientifically conduct- 
ing a fur farm for the production of fur producing animals. 

Fox breeders in Canada ask why not come to the Island, the home of the Silver Fox, and 
buy your animals. The Central New York Fur Company, Inc., did just this and not only 
bought them there but sent their ranch superintendent, a veterinarian and a fox expert, to select 
and examine what they bought and not alone buying we selected quality animals from many 
different ranches so as to get the best from an individual standpoint and a variety of blood lines. 

CENTRAL DON — Registration No. 2893 

CENTRAL RETTA — Registration No, 3488 

This pair of foxes are in our opinion the grandest in the fox world. Perfectly matched 
as to color, quality of fur, and size. We liave a standing offer of $3,000 for the pelts of these 
animals taken in prime conditioti. We value this pair at $25,000 as breeders. Tlie pedigree 
of Central Don, No. 2893, is classical in fox breeding. By Rob Roy, No. 876 out of Shiela, 
No. 839. Rob Roy by Cedric, No. 874, out of Cornelia, No. 838. Cedric by Don. No. 911, out of 
a Sillier Black Fox bred by B. I. Raynor. Cornelia by a Silver Black Fox bred by J. C. Tuplin, 
Black Banks, P. E. I., out of a female also bred by J. C. Tuplin, Black Banks, P. E. I. Sheila 
by Sir Wilfred out of Pussy. Sir Wilfred (recognized as the best Black Fox tliat e-ver lived 
and the sire of foxes that liave produced the Ingliest priced pelts ever sold) by Dick, No. 144, 
dam, Angeline, No. 145. Sir Wilfred luas bred by W. R. Oulton. Pussy, No. 80, by Americo, 
No. 142, dam Senora, No. 143. Americo's sire and dam were Silver Black Foxes bred by 
Gordon and Tuplin. Senora's parents were also Silver Black Foxes bred by Gordon and 

We Took From Prince Edward Island the Very Best of Foxes 

All of uur foxes are registered in the Silver Bla.'k Fox Breeder's Association of Prince 
Edward Island, the Home of the Silver Fox. This is the only authentic registration of Silver 
Foxes in the world at the present time. Every fox we own or sell is backed by a certificate of 
pure breeding from this association. T 

We are concentrating our knowledge, skill, and our equipment on the one and only worth 
while achievement : that of producing the best fur-bearing foxes that a thorough knowledge 
of live stock selection, the best obtainable foundation stock, the best care, sanitation, feeding, and 
yarding ever attempted in the history of fox ranching. 

We are producing the best fur-bearing foxes that breeding ingenuity can devise. 

We started with a large number of breeding pairs from a large number of ranches, giving 
us the benefit of the largest number of blood lines of any one ranch in the world. The best 
selection as to color and general points of quality. This large number of breeding pairs, the 
great variety of color and the wide field of blood line selection has enabled us to produce a 
Superior fur-hearing SiKer Fox, foxes produced to top the market in pelt \-alues. 

The fox with hardiness, health, individuality, quality and fur that gives us the right to speak 
of them as the Superior Silver Fox. The fox with the market value. 

Each and Every Breeder on our ranch has been and 
will continue to be selected for indi\ iduality, as to size, 
color, quality of fur, family records for prolificness, 
mothering instinct, milk supph', disposition, general 
health and out-standing quality, making on the whole tlie 
Superior Silver Fox produced b\' the Central New York 
Fur Company, Inc. 

The Central New "^'ork Fur Company, Inc., pos- 
sesses undisputably the largest number of really high class, 
fur-bearing, carefully selected foxes on any one ranch in 
the United States. 

It has been noted and expressed by fox experts and 
by others interested that the Central New York Fur 
Company, Inc., produced in 1921 the best average lot of 
pups, considered from every angle, than any ranch in the 
United States. 

We are privileged to have our unusually tine col- 
lection of foxes on exhibition by request or invitation at 
any time after the breeding season. 

If you have not set the world on fire in the breeding 
of foxes for fur or if you have been unable to raise or to 
buy the right kind of animals to produce quality fur, you 
can improve what you have by strengthening your line 
with our rugged foxes that have both fur and stamina and 
the power to transmit all of their good qualities to their 

It is only the strong that hand down to their off- 
spring the characters that make them the winners. This 
is a message of nature that man has made use of in devel- 
oping improved breeds of horses, cattle, and other domes- 
tic animals. Not based upon numbers — as many fox men 


Registration No. ,4058 

Tills medium silver fox is one that luill 
hold his oicn in any company, tons id er- 
ed from all points that go to make up a 
perfect fox. Color, fur texture, lengtli of 
guard hair, fullness and depth of under- 
fur, correct amount of silver, properly 
distributed to have the highest pelt value 
at the present day market demand. A 
fox breeder, dealer and one of tlie world's 
experts in judging both live foxes and 
pelts slated while visiting our rancli that 
this fox was the best fox (he caught him 
and gave him a thorough examination) 
in the United States and he is familiar 
with all of the United States ranches and 
the live stock on them. 


Still mwther one of our Suf>erior Foxes. This fox iL-as liorn on our ranch April 3rd, 1921 
— laas given a mate in No-vember (Central Ethel). They mated February 14th, 1922 and are 
due to liwve pups April 6th, 1922, Central Tom being at the time of mating ten months and 
eleven days old and his mate ten months and four days old. They are due to ha-ve young 
April 6, 1922, making him the sire of a litter at one year and three days old and Central Ethel 
the mother four days less tlian one year old. While this is usual with foxes it is to_ answer 
tlie often put Question as when do foxes begin to breed. 

seem to think — but upon stamina and points that go to maice up a superior animal, upon proper 
mating of quality animals along with the ability and animal husbandry knowledge coupled with 
a keen desire to produce a superior animal. Man's control over living animals from a breeding 
standpoint to improve type is tremendous and it must be borne in mind that this control cannot 
be used to a betterment of type if the breeding operations are based upon numbers only. It is 
this number breeding, injudicious selection, inbreeding, and generally bad management on the 
part of the breeder that has produced the condition in the fur of foxes known as wool. It is 
caused by inbreeding (which in our opinion is the chief reason for it), by parasites, and by 
nutritional causes. We want to impress upon you, Mr. Prospective Buyer of Fo.xes, that you 
must avoid this defect in foxes. 

Leave the production of ivool to the sheep rancher, do not t/ruiv or buy it on foxes. 

If you want to find out what kind of foxes you have, pelt them and let the fur buyer or 
furrier tell you. 

So it is necessary to buy foundation stock that is not inbred, that is healthy, strong, well 
furred, and that has lots of stamina. And then it is necessary to learn how to feed and care for 
them. This information we give our customers. We agree to constantly give them the benefit 
of our knowledge of breeding for fur. 

Mr. Breen, General Manager, and Dr. Young, our Ranch Superintendent, will be glad to 
have any owner of Central New York Fur Company's Foxes write or phone them at anv time if 
in need of assistance of anv kind on their ranch. 



Registration No. 3065 

A beautiful dark silver female, a producer of grand 
offspring. A wonderful mother and cannot he heat as an 
indi-vidual. Her ranch name is "The Fighter." 

The Boonville Ranch of the Cen- 
tral New York Fur Companj'., Inc., 
located at Boonville, Oneida County, 
N. Y., is one of the largest and best 
equipped ranches in the United States. 
Large pens (25 x 50 ft.) giving to each 
pair of breeding foxes 1,250 sq. ft. of 
ground, built in a cover of hard wood 
affording ample shade to provide the 
best fur and still admitting the sun's 
rays to penetrate to each and every part 
of each pen at some time during the day, 
assuring all of the benefits of hard wood 
cover, shade in summer, open in winter. 
The ranch has perfect drainage in each 
pen. Running water into ranch. Re- 
frigerating plant, consisting of refriger- 
ating machine and cooler. Laboratory 
and quarantine pens. All under veter- 
inary supervision by resident veterinar- 
ian. Dr. W. A. \ oung, wlio devotes his entire time to our live stock breeding. 

We have told you about the fox live stock industry in a brief way, and we have given you 
an idea of Who and What we are. We have said to you that our Superior Silver Fox is the 
very Highest type in the world and the fox with the Fur or Pelt of Market Value. The fox 
you can pelt and get the big money for. The fox that \ou cannot go wrong on. The fox 
whose offspring will be in demand for sale as breeding stock. A firm that is Reliable and in 
position to stand back of each and every animal and statement sold and made to you. You 
Cannot Go Wrong if you purchase our Superior Fox for your foundation stock. We give you 
the right of calling upon our Superintendent, a veterinarian of recognized ability in the wide 
field of veterinary medicine and a life time judge and breeder of live stock and considered in 
the fox world an expert on these animals as to knowledge of the points that go to make up a 
Perfectly Furred Fox, also a practical and professionally trained rancher. Mr. Breen, our gen- 
eral business and sales manager will at all times be at your service with help and advice along 
any line pertaining to fox fur farming. Now ive want your order for foxes. Send it now. Let 
us put you on our order book and give you an early selection of foxes as already described and 
pictured to yon. Do not put this booklet aside until you send us your order for our Superior 
Silver Foxes, the fox with the fur of market value. 

Highest Priced Silver Fox Pelt Sold at London Auction Sales held Jan. 
1922, Consigned and Produced by the Central N. Y. Fur Co. Inc. 

Alfred Fraser of New York, American representative of C. M. Lampson and Co., through 
whom this sale was made reports that pelt No. 1811 brought the highest price at the sale. This 
pelt was taken from a 1921 pup raised on our ranch. We are producing the fox with the pelt of 
market value. This statement we have made in other sections of this booklet. It is a matter 
of great importance to one contemplating the purchase of foxes to fully consider this pelt value 
for it constitutes what the fox fur farming industry is based upon and on what you will have to 
depend for your success in fox breeding. We make the statement that we are producing and offer 
for sale foxes that wear the Pelt of Value and to impress upon you this fact — and the word fact 
is one that we stand in awe of, it is a real word, it signifies a reality, a truth, the assertion of a 
thing accomplished, an act actually done, a proved statement. We actually topped the market 
for Silver Fox Pelts in London in the January sale. A pelt taken from a 1921 pup that the 
Central New York Fur Company, Inc., raised, brought the highest price of any pelt out of an 
offering of two thousand, three hundred and seventy-five skins. One of Our Superior Pelts. 

Some Facts About Us 


Officers and Directors made up of leading business and profes- 
sional men of Utica, Rochester, Boonville. References Brad- 
street, Utica City National Bank, Utica, N. Y., The Black River 
National Bank, Lowville, N. Y. 


Boonville, N. Y., in the foothills of the Adirondacks. Ranch 
built in hard wood cover. Considered by experts as the best 
located of any ranch in the LInited States. Shade, sanitation, 
access, seclusiveness for foxes. 


The raising and selling of SILVER FOXES. The producing 
of the SUPERIOR FOX. The FOX with FUR. 


All standard bred, registered, carefully selected, well furred, 
healthy FOXES. 

OUR MOTTO — Service and satisfaction. 



To build the Central New York Fur Company, Inc., upon a 
foundation of satisfied customers. 

Central New York Fur Co., Inc. 

Breeders of Registered Silver Black Foxes 
Main Office: 405 Arcade Bldg. 

Utica, New York 


002 833 029 10